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An untapped resource: Advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta
June 7, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A mother in uniform hugging her daughter. Advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta, Georgia benefits generations.

With over 2 million women veterans in the U.S. today, women are the fastest-growing veteran population. This pool of qualified, competent workers continues to grow, yet they continue to go unrecognized. This was the genesis of our advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta, Georgia. At Women Veteran Social Justice (WVSJ), we help women transition to civilian life. Our efforts were even recognized in 2020 when we won the congressional medal of honor.

Here’s how, why, and where women veterans are an untapped resource:

Understanding the issue

A major issue we’re combating through advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta, Georgia is women are continually dismissed and unrecognized for their service and sacrifice.

Women veterans constitute 10% of the veteran population, however, they only comprise 2% of working women in America. This discrepancy reveals a critical segment of our workforce that has been inexcusably underutilized.

A major problem is no two women veterans experience the exact same challenges or have uniform experiences and needs. There’s not a singular solution. Still, women veterans are highly qualified and bring strong, transferable skills to the civilian workforce.

Women veterans are minorities in both the veteran population and general workforce. Women veterans are also often younger, more highly educated, more likely to be of minority status, and more likely to work in the civilian workforce than their male counterparts.

Consequently, women veterans are far more likely to belong to subpopulations with higher unemployment rates. Despite their increased rate of unemployment, women veterans are typically more appealing prospects.

In 2014, 11% of women veterans between the ages of 18 and 54 were enrolled in school. This starkly juxtaposes just 6% of male veterans enrolled of the same age range. Despite supreme qualifications, veteran women continue to be a neglected segment of our workforce.

STEM jobs

A major industry that could benefit from advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta, Georgia is ‘science, technology, engineering, and math’ (STEM).

There’s an ever-increasing demand for scientists and engineers, and ideal candidates are oftentimes women veterans. Studies have proven veterans have higher rates of STEM degree earning and STEM employment than civilians.

This is a stronger trend amongst veteran and military women. Women are often first introduced to STEM through service and many prove to have an impressive acumen for the work.

Women who’ve served in the military are 41% more likely to earn a STEM degree than their civilian counterparts. This is, in large part, due to the opportunities, experience, and mentorship they’re exposed to through their service.

The military produces an incomparably qualified pool of women with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to be exceedingly successful in STEM fields.

Automakers and suppliers

Veteran women are also uniquely capable of succeeding as automakers and suppliers. Advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta means finding the right fit for everyone’s unique skillsets and talents. These industries continually seek engineers and tech-savvy employees.

An untapped resource to satisfy this market need is women veterans. Their experience and skills enable them to maintain product development and facilitate processes. Veteran women often enter industries hungry, process-oriented, team-oriented, and goal-oriented.

Female veterans are especially viable candidates because many have experience repairing vehicles, operating high-tech machinery, and managing logistics. More impressively, they’ve performed these tasks under unconscionable duress.

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If you’re a company ready to do your part to honor the women who fought and sacrificed valiantly for our country, WVSJ is the leading, non-profit service that prepares women for life on the civilian side. However, if you’re former-military seeking advocacy for women veterans in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re here for you, too. We help women upskill and emerge equipped to make themselves desirable, competitive prospects. Contact us now for a consultation! They’ve served us selflessly; it’s time to return the favor.